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Welcome to Go West Young Mom!

Whether you're just hearing about Go West Young Mom now, or have been patiently following the Go West page on Facebook, I hope this post will help explain what you can expect from the site during the coming months, and how grateful I will be for any feedback and tips.
When I have to give a short explanation of Go West Young Mom, I say that "it's a blog and online community serving young families in the far western suburbs of Chicago, particularly the Fox Valley." OK. Not so short. But what I want to accomplish here is indeed simple.
I want to help families enjoy their time together and believe that would be easier if information on all the wonderful family-friendly events, attractions, and resources in our area was gathered in one convenient place. I also believe in supporting local businesses, so I will be highlighting unique restaurants, shops and businesses that give the Fox Valley a sense of place and character that prompted many of us to settle here in the first place. Finally, I hope that readers will use our site, along with our Facebook page and Twitter feed, to share parenting tips and encouragement, as well make connections and friendships with other moms in the community.  Eventually, there will be some opportunities for those who desire it to meet face-to-face! (I predict there will be cupcakes or chocolate involved.)
The name, of course, is a play on the advice given to young American men in the mid-1800s that they should "Go West." And indeed my focus is the far western suburbs of Chicago -- Elgin, South Elgin, St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, North Aurora and Aurora. 

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