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The Housekeeping Diaries: My Car, the Rolling Junk Drawer

Last week, our guest columnist She’sWrite wrote about how her Jeep SUV is a “mobile home,” in which she serves meals, nurses her baby, changes diapers, taken conference calls and edited stories. She also said that she tries to clean it out once a week, to keep the stray receipts, crumbs, etc. from taking over.

I don't want the interior of my car to look like this, but it does.That made me start thinking about my own car. And how I really needed to clean it up. In fact, if She’sWrite’s SUV is a mobile home, my car is more like a rolling junk drawer.

I’ve written previously about how I have an issue with being overprepared. How that has led me to carryingridiculously huge bags around for much of my adult life. Well, I’m sure you’re not surprised that tendency has trickled down to my car, as well, especially now that I have a preschooler along most of the time.

The upside to this, of course, is that I am hardly ever caught without a spare outfit when my daughter gets her clothes a. dirty b. wet c. both. If she’s bored in a restaurant, I can usually run to the car and return with toys, books or games to keep her busy. And if she takes her nap in the car, I always have pen, paper and sometimes even a magazine to occupy myself.

Still, there is just way too much stuff in my car. I took it to the car wash Sunday night and here is a nearly complete list of what I found inside the cabin and the trunk:

  • Dress shoes from a wedding I was in three weeks ago
  • 2 pairs of socks (one hers, one mine, good for indoor play places)
  • Daughter’s crocs (too big for her currently) and her brown shoes (she’s outgrowing them even as I write)
  • Three sippy cups, all empty, thankfully
  • Numerous coloring books
  • Nine children’s books

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