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The Go West Indoor Play Guide

I really hope this guide can provide valuable inspiration on days when it’s just too snowy, too cold, or too rainy to let the kids play outside.

To keep this guide manageable, I’m providing just basic info, such as an address, phone number and whether or not an admission price is involved. If I’ve been able to visit myself, or a reader sends in a recommendation, I’ll provide a “notes” section that I hope will help you decide if the spot is a good location for your family to visit. I’ll provide a link to the website so you can check out exact hours and admission prices, too.

Please send suggestions for additions to editor@gowestyoungmom.com or in the comments section below. I'm willing to be very open in terms of geography, because personally, on some days I'd drive an hour to find a safe, fun spot for my daughter to burn off some energy.

Just click on a link to see the spots included in that category:

Bookstores and Libraries

Bowling Alleys, Ice Rinks and Family Entertainment Centers

Indoor Amusement, Play and Jump Centers

Open Gyms and Indoor Swimming Pools

Malls and Stores With Play Areas

Museums. Nature Centers and Zoos

Spots Off the Beaten Path