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Holiday Baking: Super Fabulous M&M Cookies

Thanks to the always amusing Stacia for sharing her mom's recipe for M&M cookies, a recipe that she swears is "amazeballs." You can find Stacia on her own blog, Dried-On Milk

Merry Christmas everyone! Or should I say Happy Holidays, to cover the huge gamut of religions? You get the idea. Life with two small children has been ... interesting, especially now that EZ is way more mobile. Like, climb on the dining room table and eat part of the gingerbread house mobile. I’m saying that 18 month olds are WAY harder than newborns. Way. Harder. Unless you have more than one newborn, then you win.

Photo by Peppysis on Flickr.Tara asked me if I had a cookie recipe to share and boy do I?! My mom use to send me these cookies when I was away at college. They were always so soft, even days later, if they lasted that long. All my friends would raid my room when that package came from my mom. This is her recipe and though it’s a fairly simple chocolate chip recipe, there’s just something about these that are amazeballs.

I will say that J and I had to tweak this recipe to work for our oven. We have a gas oven and my mom has an electric. There is a difference people!!!! I noted the differences in the recipe below.


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Baby Makes Four: A Cranial Band for EZ Unleashes the Tears in Mom

We got one of the most wonderful gifts recently: My almost 7-month-old baby FINALLY rolled over! Yippy! I know that 7 months is kinda on the late side but whatever, he did it and if I didn’t write it down I wouldn’t ever remember when this joyous occasion occurred. His sister Ava was late on that stuff too.

EZ getting cuddle time with mom, despite his helmet. Photo provided.The reason why this is an even bigger deal is because EZ rolled over for the first time ever... wearing his helmet. I swore that thing would hold him back but well, well, looky here. I was wrong. For the first time in my life, I was wrong. Imagine that. I think I scared the bajesus out of him when I squealed louder than a hyena. HE ROLLED OVER!!!! EEEEEEEEE HAPPY DAY!

This whole cranial band (aka supa fly helmet) has been a roller coaster for us. When EZ was four months old he was diagnosed with positional plagiocephaly. Basically, this means his head was flat on one side due to us not moving him enough to keep his head from being flat. That makes us sound like horrible parents, doesn’t it? What the heck is wrong with us for never wanting to pick up our baby... jeez. Mommy FAIL.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. EZ was born early and babies who are born early didn’t get a chance to have all their little bones and bits to grow like a full - baby. So this means EZ’s head was super duper soft, easily moldable. Regardless of the position, me wearing and carrying him, his head still became flat. He preferred to lay with his head to one side (don’t kill me for saying this) but EZ sleeps 12 hours a night and that’s a long time to be laying in one position.

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Holiday Guide: A Hot Cocoa Bar for Cold Days 

Our regular guest columnist Stacia shares with us an easy way to make a mug of hot cocoa the centerpiece of a holiday party. 

I wanted to tell you about this super fun party I threw over the weekend. It was a Mustache Party for a boy baby shower. Cute huh? More specifically, I wanted to tell you about the hot cocoa bar that I made for the party. If you are so inclined, you can read about the details of the Mustache Party here.

Note the mustache mugs.Like I said, I had a hot cocoa bar and this is so great for holiday parties or even while you are out sledding or whatever it is you do during these long, cold days. I found this recipe online and I would give credit where credit is due if I could remember where I found it (it was some kind of recipe website).

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Baby Makes Four: Avoiding the Store With the Bullseye

I have an unhealthy relationship with a certain store that has a red bullseye for a logo.

Photo by JaxPhotography on Flickr.For me it’s like my own personal holy land. As hard as I try, I go there for toothpaste and walk out with a $100 worth of stuff that I simply cannot live without. I can’t seem to spend less than $50 in that store. They don’t always have the best prices on things but it’s a one-stop-shop. I can get groceries, clothing, toys, furniture, Halloween decorations ... oh my!!!

It’s gotten a whole lot worse now that I have two kids. You’ll usually find me perusing the sale racks in the clothing department or knee deep in the cutest stinkin' shoes you’ve ever seen in the shoe department. I simply can not help myself.

And then ... they came out with the beautiful Missoni line. Stick a fork in me I am done! It’s an ongoing joke with my friends and me. We all love that place, so much, too much. My bank account hates me for it. I even have their card that links to my checking account but it saves me 5% on each trip. I can justify anything when it comes to that store. And when I tell my husband where I’m going he just groans. Ava has caught the bug too. Not only is it the coolest place on earth, they also have a very popular coffee place inside that sells fancy drinks with green straws.

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Baby Makes Four: A Road Trip to Crazytown

I’ve been MIA but I’ve got a great excuse... kids. Enough said.

You always travel in style this way, right? Photo by iStock Photo.About a month ago we drove the family to my hometown, five hours away. That would be five hours sans kids. With kids, it’s about ... oh who the hell knows ... it’s a looong time. It doesn’t really matter if you have one, two or 15 kids. You will still need to bring the whole house with you. Just throw wheels on that baby and away you go. For little beings, they require so much freakin' stuff. I thought that since Ava is older she wouldn’t need as much, ya know like a pack and play (she can sleep on the floor), bottles, formula, etc. Wrong. It’s all just replaced with pillows (cause it’s got to be THAT pillow) and blankets (again, THAT blanket), sippy cups (an open cup in the car, I don’t think so) and snacks and crayons and on and on and on.

Did you know you can listen to Justin Beiber’s song “Baby” seven times in 20 minutes? And did you know that a 5’8” woman can climb around in a moving packed car (from the front to the back) with as much grace as a 5’8” woman climbing around in a packed car? It can be done people.

Next time, I plan on restricting the amount of DVDs we take with us because if Ava changes her mind five minutes into the movie about wanting to watch a different movie you’ll just have to strap me to the top of the car for the rest of the way.

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