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She'sWrite: An Inspiration to Change - Kathy Pacholski

Have you ever met someone that’s inspired you to change? That’s recently happened to me.

Fifteen months after a stroke, Kathy Pacholski climbed 103 flights of the Willis Tower.I met Kathy Pacholski. She is a stroke survivor warrior. She was very healthy when she had a stroke 15 months ago, relearned to do practically everything from folding laundry to walking and then on Nov. 6 climbed 103 flights of the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Impressive, right? I wrote about Kathy’s journey on The Huffington Post here and we talked a lot on the phone. Our conversations would start with typical interview questions and then flow into a talk between friends.

We finally met face to face when I went to capture her picture at her school and we hugged. She’s good people.

She’s a mom of three boys, her youngest is in high school and the other two are off to college. She has always been a positive person and doesn’t understand why anyone *wouldn’t* be positive.

There’s no “poor me” kind of sentiment here. Though she’s not nauseatingly positive, where she’s all peppy like a little sprite that you just want to smack. No she has times when she’s down, her son and therapist told me so, but the key is she gets back up. (Cue Donnie McClurkin…)

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