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Mom to Mom: Words Mean Something, So Please Stop Saying That You Want to Kill Someone

The following guest column by Amy Hatch first appeared on chambanamoms.com, where she is the co-founder. If you have friends or family in the Champaign-Urbana area, please make sure they know about this great resource.

As a writer I should know better and as a parent, it is critical: Words are meaningful and when we use violent language to describe our feelings we are contributing to a culture that is numb to the effects of killing.

Photo by TexasT's on Flickr.Since Dec. 14 when a madman entered an elementary school intent on slaughter, I’ve become hyper-aware of the permeation of violence all around me and my kids. Last week, my 8-year-old daughter was innocently playing an app on her iPod that involves fairies and magic potions while we drove from one place to another, and she asked me if she could “buy a gun to kill some people” in her game.

I replied maybe a little more vehemently than I intended to and opened up a discussion with her about guns and killing and violence that I probably could have handled with more parenting aplomb. I’m here to tell you that talking to your kids about guns and violence is a lot harder than telling them where babies come from.

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Mom to Mom: The Perfection Fetish

The Williams-Sonoma catalog sends me into an irrational rage.

Who has a playroom like this? Not the author of this piece. Photo by eren {sea+prairie} on Flickr.That wasn’t always the case. I loved perusing the glossy pages laden with gorgeously set tables and photographs of food I could almost smell.

I would sit on a Sunday morning with a pile of catalogs, drinking coffee and earmarking pages featuring items I would never buy. Christmas was my favorite time, when each trip to the mailbox resulted in another armload of aspirations.

Now I can’t stand the sight of them.

This constant influx of perfection started to make me me feel … exhausted. It made me feel inadequate. It made the stains on my carpet and sofa stand out in stark relief.

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Mom to Mom: Interoffice Memo to a 3 1/2-Year-Old Boy

I have a 3 1/2-year-old girl who is requiring a lot of feedback from the "home office" (aka her dad and me) lately, so I particularly appreciate this funny column from Amy Hatch. She's the co-founder and editor of chambanamoms.com, an awesome resource for families in the Champaign-Urbana area. -- Tara

Photo by Rennett Stowe on Flickr.To: Three-And-A-Half

From: Your Mother, CEO

RE: Performance Assessment

Dear Three-And-A-Half:

It has come to our attention that your department has been under-performing in a number of ways and we consider this state of affairs to be very serious, indeed.

Your newfound belief that you are autonomous is, for the most part, in error. While you are able to get around under your own power and even take care of your own bodily functions, you are still required to follow direction.

To assist you, we remind you that you must continue to follow company directives regarding:

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Mom to Mom: Sometimes a Snack Isn't Just a Snack

This column first appeared last month on chambanamoms.com, a wonderful resource for families in the Champaign-Urbana area. I have "snack mom" duty coming up myself, so it definitely struck a chord with me! 

I’m getting to be an old hand at the “classroom snack” game.

Are those locally grown grapes? Photo by stevendepolo on Flickr.Every month for the past, oh, five years, I’ve been purchasing cheese goldfish crackers in bulk and sending them to school with one or both of my kids. And – brace yourselves – sometimes I send juice, too.

I know! Right? Juice! What a terrible mom I am, terrible parent, for allowing her kid to drink completely undiluted JUICE!

Because as we all know, classroom snacks are not just snacks. Oh, NO. Classroom snacks are political statements.

Juice/no juice. Gluten-free/loaded with carbs. Stuffed with GMOs/totally-organic-and-grown-within-50-miles-and-hand-tended-by-farmers-who-wear-only-homespun-garments.

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Mom to Mom: Played Out

This column first appeared last month on chambanamoms.com, an awesome resource for families in the Champaign-Urbana area. I so appreciate them letting me run it here. 

My kids had a random day off school this week and I had meetings stacked up all day.

Play with me, Mom! Photo by Amy L. Hatch.I hadn’t realized that they’d be home (way to check the school calendar, dummy) and it was too late to get a sitter. Instead, my husband volunteered to hang out with them while I went about my business.

While I was gone the kids and their dad had a grand old time. There was wrestling and games and general horseplay.

The minute I walked in the door they were on me like white on rice. They clamored for me to do the science experiment I’d agreed to before I left the house. And, just as an aside, when you’re buying Christmas gifts for your kids? Skip the books filled with science experiments.

So I changed out of my skirt and tights and we made some ice cream with milk, ice and some plastic bags.

Then we ate the ice cream. Then we played Legos. Then we built a movie theater out of blocks for a stable of miniature plastic ponies. Then there was a fire in the movie theater so we had to build a hospital.

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