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Early Literacy Activities Calendar for September

As always, thank you to the wonderful folks in the Youth Services Department at the West Chicago Public Library for sharing their monthly Early Literacy Activities Calendar with us.

Photo by catd_mitchell on Flickr.Sept. 1: Encourage your child to turn the pages of a book while you read together.
Sept. 2: Looking at a garden, talk about how plants grow and what they need.
Sept. 3: Take a siesta today and read a book together on a sofa or blanket.
Sept. 4: Have a TV Turnoff day -- read or play games together instead.
Sept. 5: Read a favorite book together.
Sept. 6: Clap out the syllables of different words together.
Sept. 7: How many circles can you find today?
Sept. 8: The West Chicago Public Library offers Super Science Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Sept. 9: Find a topic that interests your child and look up information about it.
Sept. 10: Storytimes begin at the West Chicago Public Library today. Have you signed up for a stortyime at your local library?.
Sept. 11: Look at family photos and ask your child about the people in them.
Sept. 12: At bath time, provide lots of cups/containers so your child can measure and pour.
Sept. 13: Play "I Spy" -- how many green things can you find today?
Sept. 14: Ask your child to show you the front cover, back cover and title of a book.
Sept. 15: Count the steps from your kitchen to your bathroom and living room to bedroom.
Sept. 16: Using a favorite book, ask your child to tell you what happens in the story.
Sept. 17: Visit the library together today.
Sept. 18: When out driving, point to and name as many things as you can.
Sept. 19: Choose a simple word and see how many words you can think of that rhyme with it.
Sept. 20: Read some children's poetry together.
Sept. 21: Pattycake Place Workshop at the library today from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Sept. 22: Let your child help you make a shopping list.
Sept. 23: Draw the first letter of your child's name and let her "decorate" it.
Sept. 24: Take e walk and try to name the plans that you see.
Sept. 25: Using a stick, draw letters in the dirt together.
Sept. 26: Sing a rhyme or fingerplay together, like "itsy-bitsy spider."
Sept. 27: Have a screen black-out day. Read books, talk and play games instead.
Sept. 28: Visit the library together today. 
Sept. 29: Give your child lots of paper and encourage her to practice writing her name.
Sept. 30: Ask your child to tell you about his favorite activity he did today.

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