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Early Literacy Activities Calendar for August

Thanks to the wonderful folks in the Youth Services Department of the West Chicago Public Library for sharing their Early Literacy Activities Calendar with us each month. Here's a bunch of easy, creative ideas for August. And if you would like to download a copy of the original calendar to hang in your home, just visit the Go West Flickr album

Photo by catd_mitchell on Flickr.Aug. 1: Take a counting walk. Count trees, flowers, etc.

Aug. 2: At the end of the day, create a story together about what you did. 

Aug. 3: Read a book together, running your finger along the words as you read.

Aug. 4: Lie on your backs outside and name the shapes you see in the clouds.

Aug. 5: Give your child a pail of water and a paintbrush and have her paint letters on the sidewalk.

Aug. 6: Read a book about the beach, naming the items in the pictures.

Aug. 7: Blow some bubbles together.

Aug. 8: While out driving, read billboards and storefront signs.

Aug. 9: Visit the library together with your child.

Aug. 10: Read a rhyming book together. 

Aug. 11: Have a pretend phone conversation with your child.

Aug. 12: Make up a story about a trip to the grocery store.

Aug. 13: Read a bedtime story in the dark with a flashlight.

Aug. 14: Play music and dance together, using pots and pans for rhythm.

Aug. 15: Draw patterns and shapes on paper and have your child copy them.

Aug. 16: Pick a letter of the alphabet and search for things that begin with that letter.

Aug. 17: Make a list of your child's favorite books.

Aug. 18: Compare measuring cups and spoons and play with measuring water.

Aug. 19: See how many squares you can count outside today.

Aug. 20: Make today a "laughter" day. Read funny stories and tell jokes.

Aug. 21: Draw your child's name outside using sidewalk chalk.

Aug. 22: Learn a new poem or rhyme today.

Aug. 23: Visit the library together with your child.

Aug. 24: Look for objects that begin iwth the "buh" (B) sound.

Aug. 25: Encourage your child to "read" a favorite book to you.

Aug. 26: See how many circles you can spot today.

Aug. 27: Make today a screen-free day: Read, tell stories and play together.

Aug. 28: Look at a book together, talking about what's happening.

Aug. 29: See how many purple things you can spot today and count them.

Aug. 30: Red an alphabet book.

Aug. 31: Make up rhyming words for your child's name.

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