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Early Literacy Activities Calendar for July

Thanks to the wonderful folks in the Youth Services Department of the West Chicago Public Library for sharing their Early Literacy Activities Calendar with us each month. Here's a bunch of easy, creative ideas for how during the month of July you can encourage an early love of reading in your child. If you'd like to have a paper copy of this calendar to hang up at home, just visit our Flickr album for a version you can download.

Photo by catd_mitchell on Flickr.July 5: See how many circles you can find today.

July 6: Go on a bug hunt, or catch some lightening bugs together.

July 7: Look at a wordless book together and talk about what's happening.

July 8: Read an alphabet book.

July 9: Let your child color a summer picture. Together, talk about the colors.

July 10: Have a TV Turnoff Day: Play games, read and talk instead.

July 11: Make letters using pretzels or other straight line snacks.

July 12: Roll a ball back and forth with your child, saying "mine" and "yours" as you play.

July 13: Read a rhyming book together.

July 14: Play a game of "peek-a-boo."

July 15: Print your child's name and see if he can say the letters.

July 16: Take a nature walk together naming what you find.

July 17: At the pool or in the tub, have some fun filling and dumping containers.

July 18: Clap your hands together to the rhythm of a song.

July 19: Play a game of "so big," stretching your child's hands up as you play.

July 20: See how many squares you can find today.

July 21: Bring out the pots and pans and make a kitchen band.

July 22: Read a favorite story, then let your child "read" it to you.

July 23: Give your child a pad and pencil and play "restaurant."

July 24: Sing a song together.

July 25: Play dress up with your child; talk about who/what you are.

July 26: As you share a book, talk about the pictures.

July 27: Visit your local library to turn your log in for reading club prizes!

July 28: West Chicago Public Library hosts a "summer reading party" at Turtle Splash Water Park from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

July 29: Count the seeds in a piece of fruit, such as a watermelon.

July 3: Point out print on the morning cereal box.

July 31: Practice some tongue twisters.  

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