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A Simple Olympics Craft For All Ages

The opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will be broadcast tonight. So it's a perfect time for this craft that comes courtesy of Annie at {kidlist} a wonderful website for families in the near western suburbs of Chicago, including LaGrange, Hinsdale and Western Springs. If you have family or friends in that area, please make sure they know about {kidlist}.

The topic of flags came up in our house lately, so I thought in honor of the Summer Olympics starting we would make our own flags. What a fun way to cheer on our country by making a homemade American flag!

All you need is some paper, tape and stick or wood skewer. We used double stick tape, but you can use one sided tape as well and just loop it.

1. Wrap a piece of double stick tape to the skewer

2. Fold a long rectangular piece of paper in half and place the skewer with tape inside, along the crease

3. Press the paper together and you are all set to decorate the flag

Let the games begin!




STEP THREE: Press the paper together to make the flag and get to work decorating!

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