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February's Early Literacy Activities Calendar

Thanks to the Youth Services staff at the West Chicago Public Library for sharing these great ideas for how you can inspire an early love of words and reading in your children. If you'd like to have a version of this calendar that you can easily print out and hang up at home, click here for a printable version.

Photo by catd-mitchell on Flickr.Feb. 1: Use a flashlight or lamp to create hand shadows on the wall.

Feb. 2: Talk about the weather. Was the groundhog prediction right?

Feb. 3: Read a bedtime story together.

Feb. 4: See how many rectangles you can spot together today.

Feb. 5: Count the houses on your block: What colors are they?

Feb. 6: Have a TV Turnoff Day. Read or play games instead.

Feb. 7: Attend a library storytime together today.

Feb. 8: Read a wordless book together. Make up a story about the pictures.

Feb. 9: Let your child help you make a grocery list today.

Feb. 10: How many "V's" can you find today?

Feb. 11: Draw some hearts and let your child color them.

Feb. 12: How many red things can you spot today?

Feb. 13:  Read a Valentine book together.

Feb. 14: Make a paper valentine. Let your child dictate a message.

Feb. 15: Read an alphabet book together.

Feb. 16: Go to the library for a storytime today.

Feb. 17: Read a rhyming book together.

Feb. 18: Count how many steps you take around the house.

Feb. 19: Give your child a pad and pencil and play "restaurant" together.

Feb. 20: Find a picture of George Washington and talk about him.

Feb. 21: Read a nursery rhyme together.

Feb. 22: See how many circles you can spot together.

Feb. 23: Sing a favorite song, clapping the rhythm together. 

Feb. 24: Sit quietly by the window and talk about what you see.

Feb. 25: West Chicago Public Library's Winter Read Club Party from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Feb. 26: Play dress up with your child talking about who and what they are.

Feb. 27: Read a favorite book together. Can your child tell you the story?

Feb. 28: Sing a silly song today.

Feb. 29: Look at a calendar and count how many Wednesdays are in a year. 

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