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Baby Makes Four: A Road Trip to Crazytown

I’ve been MIA but I’ve got a great excuse... kids. Enough said.

You always travel in style this way, right? Photo by iStock Photo.About a month ago we drove the family to my hometown, five hours away. That would be five hours sans kids. With kids, it’s about ... oh who the hell knows ... it’s a looong time. It doesn’t really matter if you have one, two or 15 kids. You will still need to bring the whole house with you. Just throw wheels on that baby and away you go. For little beings, they require so much freakin' stuff. I thought that since Ava is older she wouldn’t need as much, ya know like a pack and play (she can sleep on the floor), bottles, formula, etc. Wrong. It’s all just replaced with pillows (cause it’s got to be THAT pillow) and blankets (again, THAT blanket), sippy cups (an open cup in the car, I don’t think so) and snacks and crayons and on and on and on.

Did you know you can listen to Justin Beiber’s song “Baby” seven times in 20 minutes? And did you know that a 5’8” woman can climb around in a moving packed car (from the front to the back) with as much grace as a 5’8” woman climbing around in a packed car? It can be done people.

Next time, I plan on restricting the amount of DVDs we take with us because if Ava changes her mind five minutes into the movie about wanting to watch a different movie you’ll just have to strap me to the top of the car for the rest of the way. EZ was easy as pie, of course he was only two months old at the time, too. Those two are polar opposites, I tell ya.

You would think that driving that far with a potty-trained toddler would be difficult. Actually it’s not for us. Ava’s a camel so there wasn’t any unnecessary potty breaks. We just stopped once on the way down at a midway point to eat dinner, feed the babes and let Ava run out all that energy. She acted like she hadn’t been outside in years.

For the most part Ava was good until the very last stretch when she started to crack. We had been in the car for what seemed like forever. It was two hours past her bedtime, and instead of sleeping she took to saying NONONONONONOOOOOO over and over again. There's just nothing to be said about how fun that was.

It was our fault for pushing it and driving after work. We know Ava has a hard time sleeping in a car and we totally paid for it. Parenting FAIL. Really though, there’s just no good way to drive that long and that far with small children. You just want to get there, so you push on. But as kids they can’t take it, it makes them loco.

We have to do it again in November, but this time we’ll be leaving in the morning. EZ is going to be older and smarter. Wish us luck that we all arrive at our destination instead of driving to crazytown. 

Our guest contributor Stacia will regularly be writing a column called "Baby Makes Four" about the changes that come along with adding a newborn to the mix. You can get to know her better by following her own blog Dried On Milk.

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Reader Comments (1)

Fantastic post! We just flew 4 hours to Vancouver with our toddler and it was ... awful. Though my sons flight was free because he is not 2 yet, however as the airline staff pointed out "you guys paid for it in other ways."

September 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterShe

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