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Welcome to a New Sponsor: Music Together of Aurora

I am so pleased to welcome a new sponsor to Go West Young Mom, and it's a business that you might have already read a bit about here.

Instructor Ree Kline (blue shirt) leads a Music Together class in Aurora.Our Savior Aurora Music Together is a music program held at Our Savior Lutheran Church at 420 W. Downer Place near downtown Aurora, although the music program itself does not a have a religious basis. The teacher and center director is Ree Kline, who worked with children in Aurora in theater and music programs for years before becoming a registered Music Together instructor this summer. Ree also has three grown children of her own.

In Music Together's 45-minute classes, families share songs, play with instruments, learn rhythm chants and enjoy movement activities in a relaxed, playful environment. Classes are mixed ages -- including infants, toddlers and preschoolers -- and siblings are not only welcome but encouraged. Ree's rates are family rates, so you can bring multiple children (ages 5 and under) to class.

There's a new song collection each "semester," featuring original and traditional songs in a wide variety of meters, tonalties and cultural styles. And as part of each semester, you take home copies of two CDs (one for home, one for the car), along with a booklet of educational materials and an illustrated songbook.

If you're interested in learning more, you have a fun chance this weekend: Music Together will be hosting a free "Holiday Sing-a-Long" at the church this Saturday (Dec. 10) from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. You and your children can sing some holiday tunes, get to know Ree and see the darling, bright nursery where classes are held. As a bonus, Santa Claus will be visiting with children in the next room over. 

Plus, Our Savior Lutheran Church is hosting a live nativity scene on Saturday at 5 p.m. (It will even feature live animals -- I hear Jed the Donkey will be making an appearance.) So if you plan to get to the sing-a-long at 4ish, you could stay for the nativity as well.

The next Music Together semester is entitled "Bells," and it will begin the week of Jan. 9 and last 10 weeks. Currently, Ree is planning to give classes on Monday afternoons; Tuesday mornings; Tuesday afternoons; Wednesday mornings; Thursday mornings; Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. If you don't see a class that works for you, she urges you to let her know -- she really wants to work with families to accomodate their schedules. She also lets you make up classes anytime.

Music Together classes are held in the window-filled nursery at Our Savior Lutheran Church. Here's the entrance.And now I'll tell you a bit about my personal experience with Music Together. I knew Ree wanted me to try out a class with my 3-year-old daughter. I was feeling a bit overscheduled, but decided to sign up for an afternoon class this fall, especially since we were dealing with the dreadful transition to a "no nap" life!

It turns out that my daughter and I absolutely love the class. It's probably our favorite hour each week! Johanna really enjoys singing, playing with the instruments and other props like scarves and the parachute. She asks to listen to the CD at home, and she regularlly sings the songs for her dad. ("Li'l Eliza Jane" is her current favorite.)

Here's what I enjoy: That we sing songs from other cultures; that Ree promotes a relaxed, warm, fun vibe; that we get to meet some new people; that the nursery where the classes are held is so bright and open; and that Ree has such a flexible make-up policy. But the best part is that I spend 45 minutes interacting with and really focusing on my daughter -- no distractions from cell phones or keyboards, no trying to load the dishwasher or get the laundry going. Johanna is now at the age where she's starting to take most of her classes on her own. But our Music Together class lets me play with her, dance with her and even cuddle with her.

If you are interested in taking a music class with your child or children, please take a look at what Music Together offers. I think you'll be very glad you did. And again, it is a wonderful option for moms or dads who are caring for both a baby and a toddler or preschooler, as well as families who are looking for a Saturday morning class.

For more info, please contact Ree Kline at 630-897-5203 or write her at reekline@sbcglobal.net. And you can also join in for a free demonstration class.

Finally, please join me in thanking Our Savior Aurora Music Together for sponsoring Go West Young Mom. You'll be seeing Music Together's advertisement on sections of the site including "Good Times," "Good Cents," and "Good Life."  It is the support of advertisers that makes GWYM possible. 

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