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Great Libraries! Messenger Public Library in North Aurora

When it comes to library buildings, it’s hard to top one that has a screened-in porch. Books + Porch = I’m in heaven!

The Messenger Public Library in North Aurora.The Messenger Public Library in North Aurora actually has two charming screened-in porches, including one in the Youth Services department. They feature wooden furniture -- one even has a swing! The porches have storm windows in right now and are open year-round, although I’m told they are indeed chilly during the depths of winter. I’m especially looking forward to visiting in the spring to read books with my daughter on the porch swing and listen to the birds singing in the nearby woods.

The Messenger Public Library is located at 113 Oak Street, right along Route 31. It’s named after Emeline Schnelder Messenger, who nurtured what was then called the North Aurora Public Library for nearly 50 years. And it has a lot more than the screened-in porches to offer.

It’s such a beautiful structure – built less than 10 years ago – that when we first moved here, I drove by numerous times and admired it before realizing it was a public library and I could go inside!

It’s a one-story building, clad in stone. There’s a “Quiet Reading Room” featuring a gorgeous stone fireplace. It has a community room that can be reserved for meetings. And it’s just one of those libraries that gives off a cheery, friendly vibe – even on the recent cold, gray day when my daughter and I visited.

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