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Easy Craft: Get Creative With Cardboard Boxes and Build a Train

Thanks so much to my friend Annie at {Kidlist} for sharing this post with me. If you have friends or family members who live in the near west suburbs, make sure they check out her wonderful site.

Annie of {Kidlist} made this train for her son's birthday out of cardboard boxes. Photo courtesy of {Kidlist}.Kids love playing in cardboard boxes. It ignites their creativity and gives them a place to call their own. The problem is, who buys something huge like a stove all the time?

I decided to make a cardboard train (pictured here) for my son Elliott's birthday a couple years ago ... yeah, it was probably too elaborate, but I had fun doing it. The kids would have had just as much fun if it was a plain brown box and they had the opportunity to draw on it! 

When I started the project I called so many places for boxes, basically any store that sells appliances within a 20-minute drive, and Best Buy was the only one willing to give me a tip. They have a warehouse where Interstate 355 meets Interstate 55 and the people there were so nice. I called ahead and they saved some great boxes for me! I pulled up to the dock door and a guy loaded them on my car roof.

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