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An Easy Earth Day Craft: Yogurt Smoothie Vases!

In honor of Earth Day, one of our regular contributors, Tracy Richter, shared this fun craft that she and her young sons enjoyed this week.  Thank you, Tracy!


Vinyl tablecloth (this can get messy)

Yogurt smoothie bottles

Non-toxic school glue



Newspaper or grocery store ads

Craft ribbon or twine

Spring flower stems



Step 1:  Save those Smoothie yogurt bottles (yougurt cups can work too)


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Easy Activity: Edible Play Dough

My daughter and I spent yesterday afternoon in Wheaton, and dinner at Chik-fil-A was too tempting to pass up. I like how their kids’ meals come with a book as the “prize,” and that you can substitute a generous fruit cup for the (admittedly tasty) waffle flies.  

Enjoying edible play dough with the friendly Chick-fil-A employee.Anyway, last night they had an employee set up at a table offering kids “edible play dough” to play with. The dough (made from cake mix) is sweet and very rich – but Johanna got a kick out of eating a bit while I stressed that this was “special” and that we couldn’t eat the stuff we have at home. (I'll let you know how that turns out.) This play dough was pliable, a bit greasy and sticky and made some great shapes. Tt was particularly fun to make a “hot dog on a bun” that Johanna could then eat. I thought I’d share the recipe that the restaurant handed out.



1 box name-brand white cake mix

1 stick of softened buttered or margarine (not melted)

Approximately 3 tablespoons of water (give or take a few drops)

Food coloring (optional)

Flour – have some on hand just in case too much water is added


Mix dry cake mix and margarine/butter in a large bowl. Once it is well mixed, add water 1 teaspoon at a time until you get the desired consistency. Finally, you can add food coloring if  wanted before handing it over to the kids.


Who Needs a Sand Box When You Can Have a Rice Box?

Today we have a guest "indoor activity" post written by the editor of Local Fun for Kidsa new website that is helping bring more attention to locally run parenting sites across the country, including Go West Young Mom. The blog has lots of recipes, crafts and more fun ideas, too, so make sure to add it to your bookmarks. -- Tara

Photo courtesy of Local Fun for Kids.My little guys love playing outside, and one of my 3-year-old son’s favorite activities is playing in the dirt with his trucks. As soon as spring rolls around, he will be out there again digging for hours and covered in dirt and mud. As long as he's happy, that's fine with me.

He recently got a Caterpillar remote control digger for his birthday.  But, how much fun is a digger, if you can't dig?  So, I pulled out a medium-sized storage container, and put some green felt on the bottom, which makes it a better surface to drive the digger. I then poured in the some blue and green rice, which was dyed with food coloring a few days earlier.  If you’ve never colored rice before, you can find an easy how to guide here.

This little ‘rice box’ was such a hit!

If you have a girl who is digger-less, you could still use this idea but make it a beach for Barbie.  But, you don't really need a theme at all. You can just use some cups and spoons and let your child play in with the rice like they would with sand.

This is such a great indoor alternative to outdoor digging. Plus, it's heck of a lot cleaner that an indoor sand-box. Will you get grains of rice out of the 'rice box'? Yes. But it is so worth it. My kids have already spent hours playing with this.

It would also be a great activity for a breastfeeding mama who needs to entertain her little one while she's nursing.  You could save the 'rice box' as a special treat that your little one can only use when you're nursing the baby.  Try it!

This is such an inexpensive & easy indoor activity for kids.