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An Easy Earth Day Craft: Yogurt Smoothie Vases!

In honor of Earth Day, one of our regular contributors, Tracy Richter, shared this fun craft that she and her young sons enjoyed this week.  Thank you, Tracy!


Vinyl tablecloth (this can get messy)

Yogurt smoothie bottles

Non-toxic school glue



Newspaper or grocery store ads

Craft ribbon or twine

Spring flower stems



Step 1:  Save those Smoothie yogurt bottles (yougurt cups can work too)

Step 2:  Remove label from bottle (You can cut it off)

Step 3:  Grab your kid's non-toxic glue

Step 4:  Mix 1/2 glue and half water in a bowl

Step 5: Grab some old newspaper ads or mailers and let the kids tear them into small pieces (small but not tiny work best)

Step 6:  Dip the strips in the glue mixture

Step 7:  Lay newspaper pieces onto bottle

Step 8:  Overlap pieces until they cover the entire outside of the bottle. Leave the bottles to dry overnight.

Step 9: Wrap the bottle neck in twine or craft ribbon (great chance to practice tying for kids).  Fill with water and add a short stemmed flower.

Happy Earth Day!


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