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Baby Boy Name Game ... Part 2

Our favorite name-obsessed, pregnant guest columnist returns to ask for more advice. If you missed her original post on the struggle to name her unborn son, you can read it here. Remember, she says one of you already suggested the leading contender!

Holy cow, you guys really rocked the name game! Thank you so much for all your suggestions! Keep ‘em coming! I’m keeping a word doc of all the names that J and I have come up with thus far and why we liked them and why they were eventually vetoed. The latest name we have makes for some hilarious initials (which you will read about once this little chicken is born). We still aren’t sold on the first name 100% -- but I’m honestly not sure if we’ll ever be. It’s a name we like. It is what it is.

Photo by ladybugkt on Flickr.I have eight weeks (probably less) to go and I’m freeeeaking out. I’m excited/anxious/nervous and holy hell what did we get ourselves into?! The name should be the least of my worries and sadly no, I’m so damn hung up on getting his name right. Since Ava’s middle name of James is a sort of a family name (a variation of), would it make sense to give the boy a family name too? It would be nice. We’ve run through both sides of the family, and I’m sorry but there isn’t anything that stands out to us. Isn’t that horrible? I would like to represent my side of the family but um, yeah... I can’t really get on board with my family names (even looked waaaay back into my family tree). I’m totally going to be stoned for saying that. I’M SORRY but I’m being honest and really you should know by now that’s how I roll.

My brother has my dad’s name as his middle. My name on the other hand was just randomly picked, and I’m totally OK with that. Do you think this kid will care if he doesn’t have a family name? I know it makes more sense for the boy to have a family name over the girl, at least that’s more traditional. I say screw tradition.

I want his name to POP and I do want his name to be meaningful. We went back to Ava to see if she had any more suggestions. She still wants to name him “Orange.” Gawd, woman, you are so bad at this game. We’ve tried a few names out on her and the one we are leaning heavily on (by the way, one of you nailed it) and she tells us she doesn’t like it and refuses to say it. Really child?

Are you sick of me asking you about names? Just eight weeks go to guys, hang in there with me because otherwise the swollen feet, carpal tunnel, heartburn, and back pain just might send me over the edge. Now, who wants to shave my legs for me?

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