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Having a Baby Boy and So Happy ... But Worries, Too

The following comes from our new guest columnist Stacia, who as she puts it, writes about "the underbelly of parenting." You can get to know her better by reading the introduction she did for GWYM last month, as well as by following her own blog Dried on Milk

I’m in my 2nd trimester now, and I was super-excited to find out what we are having. And it turns out we’re having a boy, which couldn’t be more perfect since my mind frame is similar to a 13-year-old boy’s, after all.

Photo by handmaidenbymaria on Flickr.My nearly 3-year-old daughter Ava kept telling me this whole time it was a girl. She’s totally fired as my psychic. I didn’t have a feeling one way or the other, but I think I was leaning heavily toward girl since I already have one, am one and have all the stuff. Seriously, Ava has more clothes than Paris Hilton. When the ultrasound tech used the mouse to make it very clear... “you see that long thingy and those two thingies next to it? It’s a boy.” Sqweeee, so happy!

So naturally the very first thing that ran through my mind was how do you clean him when he craps all over the place? No, really. Baby poop is so freakin’ runny and messy. With a girl it’s so easy, nothing to clean around. Friends have told me little boys’ parts aren’t as delicate as you think. I guess you also have to be quick with a diaper lest you get sprayed. Come on man. I have worry about him spraying our house? My cat already does a good enough job barfing on everything; I would prefer to keep urination out of the mix. Oh, I’m not saying I’ve never been peed, pooped or spit up on but this is a whole different level, this is an actual hose as apposed to a spigot. Get what I’m sayin'?

Ava doesn’t totally get how this kid is going to turn her life upside down, but she does kiss my belly and talk to HIM. She already forces a bubby (pacifier) into my rapidly stretching belly button so that her baby brother will be “happy”. As of right now she loves HIM. We can finally start working on HIS name. We started a list but the name game is hard. There are some awful boy names out there (kinda like boy clothing selection) and my daughter sucks at picking names. So far her list is: Two, Baby Ava and Orange. Creative, yes but her names have been vetoed. We aren’t celebrities where we could get away with naming our kid  Orange. Sorry kiddo, we are common-folk ‘round these here parts.

No matter what HIS name will be or how well I clean him up after a nasty but blessed poo, we are beyond excited and Ava is going to be a kick-ass big sister. Happy... yeah... we’ll go with that. Happy. My face hurts from smiling so much.

Go West readers: Did you find out your baby’s gender when you were pregnant? Did knowing you were having a boy or girl cause you any worries?

Note: This column prompted lots of fun comments when it was first posted on the home page. You can read them by clicking here.

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