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Baby Makes Four: Avoiding the Store With the Bulls-Eye

I have an unhealthy relationship with a certain store that has a red bullseye for a logo.

Photo by JaxPhotography on Flickr.For me it’s like my own personal holy land. As hard as I try, I go there for toothpaste and walk out with a $100 worth of stuff that I simply cannot live without. I can’t seem to spend less than $50 in that store. They don’t always have the best prices on things but it’s a one-stop-shop. I can get groceries, clothing, toys, furniture, Halloween decorations ... oh my!!! 

It’s gotten a whole lot worse now that I have two kids. You’ll usually find me perusing the sale racks in the clothing department or knee deep in the cutest stinkin' shoes you’ve ever seen in the shoe department. I simply can not help myself.

And then ... they came out with the beautiful Missoni line. Stick a fork in me I am done! It’s an ongoing joke with my friends and me. We all love that place, so much, too much. My bank account hates me for it. I even have their card that links to my checking account but it saves me 5% on each trip. I can justify anything when it comes to that store. And when I tell my husband where I’m going he just groans. Ava has caught the bug too. Not only is it the coolest place on earth, they also have a very popular coffee place inside that sells fancy drinks with green straws.

Ava knows the routine. The second I say Tar-jay, she’s in the closet looking for her shoes. She grabs her purse, a pen and her “list." I’ve trained her well. The first stop is the coffee shop. We then get our cart and they have these wonderful little cup holders for your fancy drinks. We both get a cup holder and snap them to the cart. Then it’s time to cruise the isles. Videos, toys, shoes, clothes and that faux leather chair I’ve been eyeballing for months but I need two and can’t really justify $400, yet ... oh heaven.

But see this is the thing, I kinda need to save some money. Like in the worst way need to save money, so I was talking to a friend and joking that I need to stay out of that store for a while. We made a bet. For the whole month of October we are not allowed to step foot in that store. Let me be very clear there’s no boycotting here, remember, I love this place ... it’s just my effort to save a little money. The only exception to the rule is that I get no more than $50 to get some essentials for our trip to Punta Cana (a whole week which will help with my shopping temptations) and I can go there to get formula (they sell what we use) but that is IT!! Nothing else. 

You better believe I’ll be in there on Nov. 1 though. Mark my words.

Here’s my challenge to you ... do any of you have the same problem with this wonderful store? Wanna take the same bet? **wink wink nudge nudge**

Our guest contributor Stacia will regularly be writing a column called "Baby Makes Four" about the changes that come along with adding a newborn to the mix. You can get to know her better by following her own blog Dried On Milk.

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