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Ask the Photographer: How can I take better photos of my children?

In this edition of "Ask the Expert," photographer Kathy Green offers guidance on how you can take photos of your children that better capture their spirit, reveals her favorite spots for memorable outdoor pictures and provides tips for how to start organizing those digital photos currently making you feel guilty as they sit on your computer's hard drive. Green is a Geneva resident and the owner of RCG Photography, and I am proud to say that this gracious and talented woman was Go West Young Mom's first interview! Please read on for more about Green and her valuable advice. Hint: You're going to want to buy a bunch of archival-quality albums right away.

Kathy Green has had a passion for photography ever since her father gave her a disc camera when she was a kid. She and her dad would tramp around outside with their cameras, taking nature shots. Meanwhile, her grandmother created beautiful scrapbooks filled with photos that Green still treasures to this day, and her grandfather collected antique cameras.

Green’s appreciation for the role photos played in a family’s life only grew when her first son was born eight years ago. “I really wanted to capture those perfectly imperfect moments and treasure them forever. Those magical moments that you think you’ll remember, but then you may not. Once you see that photograph, it’s that moment captured in time,” she says.

Kathy Green of RCG Photography. Photo by Steve BittingerAfter her third son was born, her husband bought her a digital SLR camera and Green said she “fell in love” with it. Encouraged by her supportive husband as well as a photography instructor, and wanting to help families create their own treasured memories, Green launched her business in the fall of 2009.

The letters in RCG stand for the initials of her sons’ first names: Ryan, 8, Colin, 6 and Gavin, 3. Green specializes in photographing children and families, primarily in outdoor settings, and has her clients fill out a questionnaire before their appointment so that she can make her subjects feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

Q.  I hear some of my friends say they have tons of photos, but not many good ones. Do you have some tips for parents who are looking to get better shots of their children?

A.  The best advice I can give to people out there is just capture their kids in moments when they don’t know you’re there. Try to snap some quick shots. Or when they’re doing what they love, if it’s reading a book or taking a walk, drawing with chalk, splashing in puddles. Those are the best shots. They don’t have to be perfectly centered and everyone doesn’t have to be smiling at the camera. I love to say it’s capturing those perfectly imperfect moments!


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